I have a customized life. You know why? Aeropostale

September 29, 2017 0

In collaboration with Aeropostale – My life is customized. You know why? Because I did not like the regular life that was given to me. Don’t we all have that moment where we think that we do not fit in? Well.. for me that moment stuck all along the way until the day I decided to change it and have the life fit me. So I a little building which included building.

The building included – redecorating my house, choosing friends, choosing whether to keep in touch with certain relatives and acquaintances or not.

It also included my determining my style and sticking with it no matter what. It was that moment when I realized and decided – “If you got problems then look away”. Yup… that attitude!

Trust me as I say this – It worked well for me. It was the moment of embracing myself. Little like having my own Beyonce moment.

Coming to my clothing. See, I may not be the most drop dead gorgeous person or the most stylish and trendy one but if there is one thing I like to do it – Not wear things that everyone else is wearing!

Yup. I like my clothes to be customized for me. It could be as small as a little shiny stud on my pocket. You know coz I like a little shimmy shine or you can say – If it doesn’t shine, It ain’t mine! Well… “Aeropostale” gave me that option in their latest collection of denim and so I made most of it as you can see in the video.

Of course, the T-shirt is from Aeropostale as well. I could not resist not taking that and leave to my fabulous friend Justin to make me look perfect with the makeup tricks.

I would like to hear from you now. Do you customize your life too? Let me know. This is your personal stylist Prashant Priyadarshi signing off. Kisses!