Becky with good hair exists. I met her and she stole what I loved. Beyonce was rite!

September 2, 2016 0

I am not sure if Becky knows everything. She probably doesnt coz if she did, she would not have stolen something that was precious to me. Becky… I had marked my territory but you just had to come and pee on it. But anyways, you are a worthless little piece of shit to me. You now have my sloppy seconds and you can have more of my left overs as well. But poor Becky… I feel terrible for you for more than just one reason.

Where do I start?

I am not Beyonce, I can never be, nor was I in a relationship with someone like Jay Z and if you are wondering who Becky is? Then you should be embarrassed of yourself for not knowing. Beyonce’s album came out, made history but you were busy living under a rock.

If you must, read the news here.

Its been exactly one week since the East European “Becky with good hair” but very bad smile and english stole someone who I thought could be mine. But.. ummm.. clearly.. I was wrong!

My problem is – I do not know who to stab first? The skank or the skunk? Pffff…. the human inside me is stopping me.

But the devil who is sitting on my left shoulder is telling me – You did not waste all your time cooking, cleaning and pleasuring someone all this while just so that a tall somebody with a face like a workman’s bench could come and take it all away. No no!

But truth of the matter is- If there is anyone who is at fault, it is ME! So if there is anyone who should be punished – It’s ME!

Sometimes we confuse attraction for love which I obviously did not realize. Anyway long story short – Make no mistakes. I may have forgiven Becky but I will never forgive ***** !

Shirt – Saturn (custom made)

Blazer – Raymonds

Skinny jeans – Jack & Jones

Shoes – Koovs

Watch – Daniel Wellington