How I used fashion and style to boost my confidence.

October 11, 2017 0

How? Is that even possible? Using fashion to boost confidence? Sounds bizarre right?

Being self-confident is an indispensable part of our lives. We all know that. Don’t we? Whether you are in school, college, trying to find a job or working, heck even the smallest jobs in the world require confidence to do it.

So what if I say that you are one of those people who gets intimidated, or maybe you are just somebody who lacks confidence? Trust me, lack of confidence is a downhill road and if you do not attend to it on time, your life will be a living hell.

So what’s the secret to being confident?

Some people believe it’s having a positive attitude, while others claim it’s being wealthy. Different people have Some people believe it’s having a positive attitude, while others claim it’s being wealthy. Different people have different interpretation of “Confidence” and while there are many ways to overcome it, what really worked for me was how I dressed.

Trust me, there is an inexplicable science behind it which even I cannot explain but it is just something to be felt.

Magazine Reviews –

Vogue made some good points in an article they wrote in 2012. Well, the article is very basic and shallow but you will get some idea. I do not agree with one part though which is – (Model and psychology student Julia Frakes always gravitates toward Prada for interviews and has a go-to brand for test taking: “I wore Marni when I took my Wechsler exam [designed to measure adult intelligence]. I swear Marni increases one’s self-perceived intelligence levels.” Suffice it to say, Frakes scored a high-performance IQ.) This is bull crap. If you do not study, you won’t score. Here, it just sounds like her designer wear made her score good grades. #NOPE

HuffingtonPost, on the other hand, has explained it more perspicuously. One simple point to make is – “clothing significantly influences how others perceive you and how they respond to you.” In more simpler terms – Dress how you want to be addressed.

My Story –


All this talking takes me back to my school days where I obviously wasn’t a bright student. I used to dress up to feel good. Back then I did not know why I was doing it but now it makes sense. I did it unconsciously because that was the only thing that made me feel good.  You see, I started to connect the dots and now I have the answer.  How you dress affects how you act and how you work. I needed to be taken more seriously. I wanted them to pay attention to me, I wanted to be looked at, I wanted to get noticed. So I dressed for it.

When I started my career as a stylist, no one took me seriously. I was on a set where I was being bossed around, the directors and producers were throwing their attitude and comments at me. I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a boy wearing denim, t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers with a normal hair. In short #Boring .

I stirred things –

I needed to change that, I wanted to experiment and see the results. A couple of weeks later, same set, same people, I arrived in well-tailored clothes, fancy shoes and highlighted makeup that sent signals to the NASA. I felt the instant behavioral change and people’s way of approaching me.

Suddenly, I was important, they asked me for ideas, they asked for my approvals and what not. I was astonished and then started to do my study on “How what you wear can boost your self-confidence”. Well, in my case it improved my skills as well because once you are taken seriously, you are automatically motivated to work at your best potential.

Of course, there are smart people who probably think I am stupid. Maybe I am and that’s why I put on extra layering on myself to feel smart but it totally works for me. I wasn’t born smarty pants. Maybe you were and you can get away with just presenting yourself in sad trousers and a t-shirt but I could not and I was smart enough to find a solution to that on my own. So I win! Wanna talk more? (Snap).