The finest form of cotton for The Complete Man – Raymond Launches the Supima collection.

July 17, 2017 0

Summer is a great season. A season that gives you plenty of time to show off all your bright and bold warm-weather gears. Long sunny days, taking a vacation to an exotic location and travel are some of the defining characters of the season. If there could be one next best thing, wouldn’t you just love your wardrobe to be season appropriate?  From breezy button-downs and the new power polo to printed blazers, and pastel color t-shirts, this season is your chance to go crazy. However, summer can be a little too overbearing if you live in a tropical country and if you live anywhere near a coast then the humidity won’t allow you to keep your style intact. So what is the next best thing you can do? Wear clothes which are weather friendly, light, easy on the skin and comfortable. Wear fabrics which let you and your body breathe in style.

Talking about breathable fabrics – Blessed are those who started growing, producing and wearing cotton fabrics centuries ago. Cotton is such a versatile fabric that it spread throughout the world and it’s still the most popular fabric used by all the leading brands and designers. Over the years, cotton has gone through multiple modifications and evolutions, giving us plenty of rich cotton choices. One such superior cotton is “Supima”. The name is a combination of Super+Pima.  This particular type of fabric is 35% longer and 45% stronger than the regular cotton fibres. Supima also has finer strands which are much lighter and more breathable. Because of these properties, it becomes the perfect fabric to make high-quality cotton clothing. Supima is what you call a mix of Luxury, Quality, and Craftsmanship and that my friend was discovered by Raymonds and hence took birth the “Raymond Supima Collection”.

So last weekend I got the opportunity to witness the launch of Luxury Menswear Brand “RaymondSupima Collection. It offers both formal and casual clothing for every occasion made out of 100% Supima Cotton. The collection has a wide range of styles to choose from. Starting from solid pastel shirts and t-shirts to printed and colorful blazers. The collection presented although was ready-to-wear but the fit was as good as made-to-measure. The fit, silhouette, proportion and the detailing were to die for!

Honestly speaking – I grew up seeing my father wear Raymond, as a child all my suits and tuxedos used to come from Raymond and till date I feel that I have this emotional connection with the brand. I was stoked when I received the invitation to witness a collection launch of a legendary brand.

Raymond has been producing the finest fabrics in India since 1925. It even says that in their logo and with the brand new luxury cotton collection, the legacy only grew stronger. I must add – that even though the brand has modified their designs to suit the taste of the modern men of India, it has still not lost touch with the aesthetics AND that is worth applauding.

Now, coming to the event – It was held at an exclusive Raymond Showroom here in Indiranagar Bangalore. The evening started off with the Head of Marketing, “Madhu S Duttaand” the Raymond Design Studio Heads, throwing some light on the collection, the theme, concept and the craftsmanship that made it happen. Different types of looks were displayed on Nitin Chauhan who also happens to be the FACE of the brand. Followed by some good food and wine. Curtsy – Fairfield Marriott.

“Supima” or like they call it the “Cashmere of cotton” is a luxury every man must experience. The amalgamation of the finest cotton in the world and the finest fashion brand of India is nothing less than extraordinary.

Having said that – Take a little tour of the fabulous store with me in the video below and later, check out the images clicked by “Vidit Jain”.