Glamour is a form of Generosity – Straight from the desk of a Stylist – At Hotel Crown Plaza Bangalore

September 4, 2016 0

I’ll be honest with you. I think that most people confuse between fashion and glamour. According to me (and you are free to disagree) fashion and glamour goes side by side but they are not the same. You may know fashion but understanding of glamour comes with experience and good taste. The line between the two is often hard to draw.

Like the dictionary says – Glamour is an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.

That is why I call it “generosity in its truest sense” where you allow yourself to understand who you truly are, then make yourself appealing enough to feel glamorous.

There are very few designers and brands who believe in authentic glamour because you see, the goal of fashion has always been to sell a product, with the model playing the role of a mannequin with baribie doll textured complexions but on the other hand, glamour is all about selling an idea. A comprehensible dream state where you see yourself in that moment with the subject.

Glamour has no obligatory loyalty to portray someone in a certain attitude. It is a posh or modernly styled way of dressing. Glamour basically depicts a flattering reality that engulfs the viewer. It is a certain characteristics for which a person is known.

So let me make it simple – All I am trying to say is ,you need not wear trendy and expensive clothes to look glamorous. Glamour comes from your personal style. Your understanding of what looks good on you and what not. Glamour is not trend, it is not fashion, it is YOU!

Coming to what I am wearing – The three piece suit from Linen Club, hat is from Forever 21 and shoes from Koovs.

My boys ( MarcinWill , Paulo ) are from Bangalore’s modeling agency called VC Talents and their wardrobe is sponsored by “Nautica”.

Special thanks to the venue “Crown Plaza Bangalore” who were extremely hospitable with my entire team.

Last but not the least – Max Mayank, my friend and photographer to make this happen.