I believe in Karma and you should too!

October 2, 2017 0

Boy, this is going to a tough one. Explaining “Karma”.

I spent the last couple of days reflecting on my life. Not that I have suddenly woken up to do the reflection but I have been making changes in my life, the way I live, the people I hang out with, the way I spend my days. Basically changing myself for the better. From the past couple of months I have been trying to understand the “Law of Nature”, you can call it “Karma” and if you know me and we have hung out then we definitely have had a chat about it.

So I have been trying to understand “Karma” and in the last couple of days I found out what it is and how does it affect our lives. Before we proceed, let me tell you that it is very difficult to narrow it down into few sentences. Karma is a vast topic and the study of it never ends. So basically you will never know enough, you can just keep learning and taking actions.

“KARMA is a Sanskrit term that signifies action or deed. Any physical or mental action is karma. Thinking is mental karma. It is the sum total of our acts, both in the present life and in the preceding births”.

You must have heard of Newton’s third law“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Karma works in the same way. Every wrong action or crime brings its own punishment in accordance with the law of retribution, the law of causation, the law of action and reaction and the law of compensation. All operate together. He who hurts another man hurts himself first.

A great example that I read in the article (A must read) that taught me all of the above is  -“A wise sailor in the ocean of this life, who has a detailed knowledge of the laws of karma and nature can sail smoothly and reach the goal of life positively.Understanding the laws of nature, you can shape your character in any way you like. “As a man thinketh so he becometh”.

This by far is the greatest statement I have ever read. Just think about it. Take a second and reflect on your own life and ponder upon why situation went wrong and then what did you do so right that it went fine later?. The answers will be hidden in your daily life activity.

I as an individual used to blame God for my shortcomings. Little did I know that I brought everything upon myself and the day I realized it, was the day I started getting rewarded. I realized that I was suffering on the account of my own wicked actions. Trust me as I say this. Everything happens for a reason and they happen in regular succession and events follow each other in a regular order. If you connect the dots, you will know.

Example of my life – In the middle of a really sucky situation when I am depressed and angry, I actually reflect and say to myself – this would not have happened to me if I did not have a karmic debt.  Then I tell myself that I have to act in a way that will make my karmic debt lighter and not heavier. Doing anything good of course fills you with anxiety in the beginning but the fruits of it you will reap later. You will not see it but you will feel it. Karma is a real concept and now it just makes so much sense to me. The act of kindness, being generous, modest, being wise is so important and affects your life in so many ways. Your act of kindness could as small as feeding a stray dog or rescuing a puppy or any other animal for that matter. There have been so many instances in my life that I wish I could share, where I just felt like everything I am doing is being watched by this super force and given the consequences accordingly. It’s little creepy sometimes but it’s the truth.

FEEL IT – One more thing – Do not just do it for the heck of it. You need to feel it. Invest yourself into the good deeds that you are doing and genuinely feel happy about it. Trust me as I say this – There is a purpose of your life. Maybe you think it’s just getting a kickass job and being successful… but there is so much more to it as not everyone who is rich is happy. That’s when Karma strikes. Your life has so much more to give. It has a bigger meaning that only you can find out and you will only be able to find out when you meditate and find your soul. I know I am sounding philosophical but it will make sense to you at some point of your life and then you will think of me or maybe just the article.

Another inspirational line – “Sow always the seeds which will ring pleasant fruits and which will make you happy herein and hereafter”.

One of the cardinal things that I have learned through my personal experiences and by reading and learning is that – Karma is what you bring upon yourself but “Dharma” is how you choose to act on what you are given. Karma is such an intangible entity that it sometimes gets scary. Everything that happens to you is for a reason. In Tantric philosophy, “Karma is why you are here. You are here in order to work out the seeds of action you carry within you for this lifetime”.

Karma literally means “Acton”. Karma teaches us to lend ourselves to the society and be of service to other living beings. Karma is about accountability, responsibility, and consequences. What you have done in your past or are doing is probably causing consequences for which you need to be responsible and ultimately accountable. That’s Karma in the simplest way I could put.

Well, of course, I could be completely wrong. Correct me. I would appreciate that.  I curated this blog post after reading multiple articles online but again, this is my understanding of it and I would love to hear it from you as well.

Pardon me if you come across any grammatical errors as I have just written it at one go and poured my heart out.