What make up can do for your “Self-Esteem”.

October 16, 2017 0

I grew up in a family of two extremes. A part of my family loved makeup so the other part of my family absolutely detested it. When I was young I was told by few that wearing makeup is like wearing a facade. It is deceptive and one should not fall prey to it because it is nothing but a waste of money.

Growing up I also saw my mother wearing make up and how good she felt about herself afterward. Don’t get me wrong, my mother is a beautiful lady, she was beautiful back then and is as beautiful now but just the glow on her face while wearing makeup and how it added glitter to her personality intrigued me. Later on, I noticed the same thing about my sister. I could never wrap my tiny head around how it happened back then but now it makes sense.

I have been working in the fashion industry for more than 4 years. During this time, I have met gazillion people. Every time I met someone new, I made it a point that my takeaway from that rendezvous was only positive. I mean … at least in some way.

My observation –

I realized that wearing makeup wasn’t just about putting on layers on your face to show it to people or to look good in the camera. It was more than that. It boosted people’s self-esteem. Makeup as little as just putting on eyeliner boosted people’s self-esteem and trust me, I am saying this after trying and testing it on myself.

Self-esteem –

What is self-esteem?

It simply means how you estimate yourself, how do you value yourself, what opinion do you have of yourself. A person with healthy self-esteem is someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin. Is comfortable in a the situation and with what are other’s attitude towards him or her.

What causes low self-esteem –

We all go through this phase in our lives at some point or the other.Our low self-esteem is caused by what others say or thinks about us. Self-image is the commonest area of low self-esteem. In the internet world, we are constantly facing images and messages from the media that tell us we need to better ourselves. We need to be taller, or thinner, we need to be fairer, our body needs to look a certain way, our hair needs to be a certain way etc. These are some of the main reasons why you and I faced low self-esteem.

How makeup plays a positive role –

Makeup is not for you to forget who you are. It is a mantra to enhance what you already have. I have seen a lot of women with low self-esteem simply avoid makeup altogether, thinking that by not caring about their appearance they will learn to be comfortable with who they are.  But here is the catch – These women do not know how beautiful they can be if they put in just little bit of effort to look their best and boost their self-confidence in turn.

Makeup teaches you to value yourself. As you apply the kajal or the eyeliner, don’t you just love how gorgeous your eyes suddenly look? And you had those eyes all along.  You did not notice that about yourself until now and all it took was some eyeliner.

Every product of makeup we use is one step towards making us see how beautiful we are. Just like the foundation you use. Do not try to accomplish someone else’s skin complexion. Your foundation should not hide your natural skin color. It should only enhance and add glow and even out little imperfections.

How haters should perceive makeup –

Suffering from acne? Pigmentation? Scars? Have dark circles? Are they making you feel conscious about yourself? Are you suddenly feeling unattractive or unlikable? Well, you can either go completely organic and live on the Himalayas and sleep 8 hours a day or you can make use of makeup. It’s that simple. Don’t you treat your eye with eye cream? Treat your dry skin with moisturizer? Apply lip balm to keep your lips luscious? Well, then there is no harm in using a little makeup for the cover-up and feeling good. As long as you treat your problem like you would treat a case of high temperature, you can easily rely on makeup to get your through the day.

Trust me, makeup is like art therapy, just that it smells better and is fun participating. Not only do you look great on the outside, you feel wonderful on the inside.

Celebrate it –

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, look and the mirror, pick up your make up kit and celebrate. If you can celebrate your professional and personal achievements, then why leave out your appearance?

Conclusion –

Feel free to disagree. This is just what I feel and have observed. Correct me if I am wrong or let me know your perspective.