Social Stigma – Did you have to deal with it?

October 19, 2017 0


Stigmatized person?  What is it like to be a stigmatized person? Well.. I will be the one to know about stigma.

This post is a deeper look into the world of people considered abnormal by society.

Definition of Stigma –

It is a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

Who is a stigmatized person?

A stigmatized person is someone who does not have full acceptance from the society and he/she constantly tried to adjust their social identities. It could be anything starting from the physical deformity, mental health, skinny people, overweight people, dwarfs, the LGBT community etc.

Types of Stigma –

Like I mentioned earlier in this post. Stigma can be physical, mental, character or any other form. Breaking it further down, stigma can also be a group identity. Mental stigma comes from being mentally ill, physical stigma comes from being physically deformed or handicapped, the stigma of character comes from having rare passion, rigid beliefs, unemployment, homosexuality etc. The stigma of group identity comes from being of a particular race, nation, religion etc. This comes from ancestors and family members

One thing is common –

Whatever may the stigma situation be but there is one thing that is common in all types which is – An individual who could be accepted by the society as a normal person is turned away because of a trait he/she has. A trait that is considered as abnormal by the society at large.

How to tackle –

Many take the wrong way to deal with the situation but the right way to tackle this is by drawing attention to special skills, venting out creatively, keeping the mind focused. Whatever you do, you need to let it out because hiding and keeping quiet can lead to further isolation, depression, and anxiety.

Another way to deal with this situation is by finding people who have overcome their stigma and learning from them. Turn to them in times of need and ask for support.

How I managed –

I will cut right to the chase and say this – Be Managing my spoilt identity took years altogether but what I did was, I took all that negativity and turned into positivity. Invested in me to make myself better. I taught myself not to care and just be focused on what is important. Honestly, that got me through. How I did all of that is another story and ya’ll don’t have time for that I can bet!

Conclusion –

Hope you got some clarity on what Stigma is. I am glad I spent some time reading about this and I’m also glad that I could share that with you.